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Equine physiotherapy Cornwall

Thorough assessment of posture, movement, muscle and joint function, followed by application of the most appropriate treatment modalities...

Manual Therapy

  • ​Relieves muscular pain and tension

  • Improves flexibility, strength and range of motion

  • Improves posture and movement 

  • Stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Promotes well-being and relaxation


Massage, soft tissue and joint mobilisations form the basis of all treatment.  You may be provided with some simple massage techniques to help your horse to progress between physio treatments.

Electrophysical Agents

  • INDIBA® Radiofrequency 

  • LASER therapy (photobiomodulation)

  • H-Wave 

  • NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation)

  • Thermotherapy

A range of evidence based electrotherapies are available to provide pain relief, reduce swelling and oedema, promote tissue healing and improve muscle tone.  These therapies may be applied during a routine maintenance visit or as a course of treatment for a specific injury.

Some equipment is available for hire for continued treatment between physio sessions, please ask for details.

Remedial Exercise

  • Improves muscle condition and tone

  • Optimises tissue healing

  • Addresses compensations and gait abnormalities

  • Relieves pain

  • Improves quality of movement

  • Improves proprioception (the body's positional awareness)

Rehabilitative exercises are key to your horse's progression through a physiotherapy programme and help successful return to function following injury or surgery. 


Exercises are carefully targeted for your horse alongside alongside advice on management changes to support your horse's recovery, delivering a fully comprehensive physiotherapy programme.  


  • Improve posture and movement

  • Reduce pain and swelling

  • Promote proprioception 

  • Improve circulation and lymphatic return

Kinesiotape can provide stimulation and pain relief to muscles, joints and connective tissue. Taping applications typically last 2-7 days, additional tape and instructions can be provided for reapplication where appropriate.

Equine rehabilitation Cornwall

With you every step of the way through your horse's rehabilitative journey...

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