November 28, 2017

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Winter Poles

November 28, 2017

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Eventing...whatever the weather

September 19, 2018

The theme for this season has been weather. We all know that eventers need to get used to it or find a different sport but this season had some real challenges. When in February and March you find yourself enduring snow, bitterly cold temperatures and howling winds whilst trying to do your pre-season fitness work you do start to wonder if you’re totally mad. Tweseldown Novice at the beginning of March was the first target and I was really lucky that I’d jumped round their Novice Eventers Challenge at the end of January and then made it to a Combined Training at Coombelands at the end of February.



The cold weather caused the cancellation of everything else we had planned and I was very glad to have kept on top of Cicero’s fitness over the winter and also had Sarah’s support, otherwise missing a lot of work in February could have made it very difficult to get to Tweseldown. Instead we got there with Cicero in fine form and were very lucky to get a run as the rest of the competition was abandoned after the Novice. One thing I had worked very hard on over the winter was Cicero’s flat work so I was quite​​ disappointed to score a 35 in the dressage! After watching the video back I felt that I would just ignore the score as his work looked flash to me… nerves got the better of me in the show jumping and I went too fast to have two down. We finished cross country clear with just 3.6 time penalties so I was happy that we’d made a huge improvement on his fitness from last year!


The next event was cancelled so we re-routed to Chilham. This was an interesting challenge for Cicero who is not built for hills… He only has a very small amount of thoroughbred in his breeding and I can really feel him having to dig deep when we do hill work. We agreed that Sarah would see Cicero before and after Chilham to see what effect it had on him and we were very pleasantly surprised that he came out in such good shape following the event. On the day itself he was firing on all cylinders, producing a 29 dressage, one show jump down and clear cross country with 4 time penalties to finish 8th. I was so pleased because the ground was very wet and it rained all day but Cicero pulled his socks up and looked after me, despite it being his first visit to Chilham and hills not being his favourite thing!


We were then back to Tweseldown for their May event by which time it had finally stopped raining. This time we did a 31 dressage (it wasn’t a great test – I think Cicero gets a bit bored at Tweseldown), one down show jumping – I rode too quickly again, and clear cross country for 0.8 time penalty! We finished 9th… nothing if not consistent!


Full steam into June, we had BCA and Farley Hall in the calendar - both fairly local events I really enjoy! I’ve discovered I’m not great when complacent… Cicero was very cheeky at BCA and bucked his way through the dressage for 34 (I felt that was quite generous because whatever he was doing, it didn’t feel like dressage). The show jumping is in a very small arena (getting my excuses in early) and I managed to turn very tightly to fence 4 which gave Cicero no chance of jumping it. We left all the poles up so just 4 penalties for having to re-present. We got ourselves together on the cross country and made it round clear inside the time, so between us we got one phase right! We finished on 38 which was only good enough for 12th which shows how competitive the Novice sections are.


I was determined to have a good result at Farley Hall… No bucking this time and a 28 dressage – one happy rider. We had one very unlucky pole in the show jumping which was a shame because it was the best round we’ve jumped this season and it felt much more competent. The show jumping was causing some real drama so we went into the cross country in a very competitive position. I knew I could make the time so I set off at a fair pace and Cicero was making it feel so easy! Coming to the last combination on course I got the line completely wrong and didn’t get anywhere near the second element. Very frustrated with a 20 penalties I re-presented and Cicero jumped the second and third element perfectly, I think he was just trying to show the fence judge how useless his rider is. I have to admit I was very annoyed because Cicero is so easy to ride cross country and I robbed him of a good result.


After a busy June Sarah gave us the thumbs up for Barbury so I focused my energy on

preparing Cicero for what I think is the toughest Novice in the eventing calendar (where he did a beautiful clear last year). However, July was very hot and the ground was concrete. It’s very difficult as an amateur rider when you have your heart set on something to change plans, especially when you’re stubborn like me. In hindsight I probably should have just withdrawn, I know that Cicero doesn’t go well when it’s hot. We were lucky because it was nice and cool down in the valley where the dressage is held. Cicero was bouncing around and I really enjoyed it in only the way I can enjoy a Novice dressage test… We were rewarded with another 28 so the judge must have enjoyed it as much as I did. That was really the highlight of the day… by the time we made it to the show jumping we had both totally overheated and after a lacklustre round I decided to withdraw from the cross country which was dis